Elina Levkovskaya

Elina Levkovskaya


Elina Levkovskaya began college pursuing photography and instead left with a Theater Arts Degree after falling in love with costume design. After graduation, she was a stitcher in theater productions around Portland, including for “Somewhere in Time” at Portland Center Stage in 2013. Elina interned and worked for various Portland designers including Brady Lange and Stephanie Mai. Elina makes costumes and corsets for performers and other creative people, taking time to work on her own designs in between.

In 2017 Elina joined the Silhouette team sewing at the studio, where she handles ready to wear alterations and repairs. She has probably hemmed your jeans.

The experience that first got you into sewing:

“I’m this much of an embarrassing dork: I started doing pirate themed Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) related events and I wanted to maybe do the actual SCA but didn’t have any gear. My college offered a freshman only class through the theater program that was an opportunity to make a medieval dress. And being the pragmatic sort of person I am I seized on the opportunity. It was really difficult and I’m sure that dress was a hot mess, but I stayed working in the theater’s costume shop and I got better. I never went to an SCA event.”

Greatest sewing achievement:

“I made a screen accurate Loki costume for a cosplayer. I still have no idea how I did it.”

Favorite part of alterations:

“Working with people’s fancy designer clothes.”

Favorite Portland restaurant:

“Depends, who’s paying?”