Jana Boyl

Jana Boyl


Jana Boyl has been a part of the Silhouette team since the beginning, being recruited right after graduation with a Bachelors of Science in Apparel Design from Oregon State University. Jana has a deep understanding of apparel construction, which is showcased in her innovative sewing techniques and problem solving. She is Silhouette’s lead tailor in ready-to- wear and in 2017 began learning the craft of bridal alterations.

Jana designed and produced her own women’s wear label, Jana Marie Apparel, from 2012 to 2015. Her collections of knit dresses, sweaters and leggings drew inspiration from her ballet background, playing with line, shape and the female form. In 2014, she was hired by Carla Mink to pattern and prototype a small collection for her boutique: Mink. Thanks to Jana’s keen sense of fit, and Carla’s sensible styles, the Carla Mink collection has outgrown the hand patterning and grading services that Jana offered.

Greatest sewing achievement:

“Splicing together two size 16 bridesmaid dresses to make a single size 24 dress. Did I mention it had a fully beaded overlay? It was perfect!”

Experience that got you sewing:

“My mother helped me make a pair of lime green, suede bell bottoms. It was “decade day” during spirit week at school.  Everyone has questionable taste at age 8.”

Favorite part of alterations:

“It’s a puzzle! Every garment is sewn completely different. I love figuring out the manufacturer’s construction and perfectly recreating the original. Unless the original is done stupid. Then I find a better alternative.”

Favorite podcast:

“Radiolab. But I subscribe to about 25 others I listen to weekly.  Sewing and listening to podcasts is the best!”